Success in learning English

                                     Success in learning English
      English teachers in Asia hear one question again and again:“ How can I improve my English?” Interestingly, those asking often pretty good English already. Are you one of those wanting better English skills? Here are some ways to give your English a boost.
Be disciplined: There’s no easy way to learn a second language. No matter how smart or gifted you are, you need to work at it. The best approach is to spend time on English every day. Just like regular exercise makes you stronger, regular practice will strengthen your English.
      Read often: This is something every English learner can and should do. Reading in English enriches your vocabulary. It teaches you correct grammar, structure and usage. The more you read, the better your English will become.
How much should you read in English? Read as much as possibly you can. Carry an English book or magazine with you wherever you go. Read on the bus, in the taxi, at lunchtime. And, of course, read at home. You can make it fun. Read about things that you enjoy or are interested in.
      Follow good speech examples: To develop natural-sounding English, you must imitate native speaker. Fortunately, TV and radio make this easy to do. Tune in to programs, like Studio Classroom, in which good English is spoken. Listen carefully, and imitate what you hear.
     Find opportunities to speak in English: To become a fluent speaker of English, use what you know. Find others to talk with in English. Remember, your conversation partners don’t to be native speakers. Practice with them regularly. Organize a regular “English lunch” with classmates or coworkers.
     Use your computer: If you haven’t discovered English-teaching software and web sites, you need to. Those tools can your English study interesting and effective. Some even make it fun!
     Never give up: You might feel discouraged at times. Perhaps you have difficulty remembering new vocabulary. Or maybe your busy schedule leaves you too small time for studying English. Don’t let such limitations stop you from trying. Just do your best.      Whoever you are, wherever you live, your English can improve. And with regular study and practice, it will!




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